Project's Workflow

Task 1 – Project Management

Ensure effectiveness and efficiency in project management.
Structuring a process management, methodologies and approaches.
Coordination between the team members and their respective roles.

Team: Beatriz Condessa; Ana Morais de Sá; José Antunes Ferreira; Isabel Loupa Ramos; Marco Rodrigues; Ricardo Tomé.


Task 2 - Characterisation the land readjustment practice in LPs in Portugal

The study and characterisation of the Portuguese land readjustment practice in Municipal Plans approved from the entry into force of the RJIGT in 1999 to the end of 2010.

This task will be carried out from two perspectives, which constitute two subtasks:
  • Characterisation of the material content of LPs with respect to land readjustment and parameterization of criteria’s to the application of systems and executory land readjustment mechanisms.
  • Characterisation of LP elaboration , approval and implementation procedures of Detailed Plans and evaluation of their effectiveness in implementation, collecting testimonies of various agents in the process of planning and executing urban.
Team: Beatriz Condessa; Ana Marta Costa; Ana Morais de Sá; António Costa; Carina Pais; Isabel Loupa Ramos; Marco Rodrigues; Teresa Prudêncio.
Consultants: Fernando Nunes da Silva; Isabel Moraes Cardoso; Jorge Carvalho.


Task 3 - Characterisation the international practices of land readjustment

Characterize and compare the international practice in the application of mechanisms or models of land readjustment based on a literature review, to verify the legal framework and the methods of application the principle of equity in urban processes in differents territorial and cultural contexts of urban planning.

Team: Ana Morais de Sá; Beatriz Condessa; Marco Rodrigues.
Consultant: João Teixeira.


Task 4 – Characterisation of the financing systems

Determine the financial system that can be applied in DP, under the fairness and efficiency of the process of urbanization.
Relate the funding system to the degree of implementation of the plans analyzed in task 2.
Identify the financial risks associated with the urban development process in order to enable the creation of a proposed funding model for the implementation of the development plan.

Team: José Antunes Ferreira; Ana Morais de Sá; Isabel Loupa Ramos; Joana Castro Almeida; Miguel Abrunhosa; Ricardo Tomé.


Task 5 – Proposal for a land readjustment execution model

Create an execution model to implement land readjustment mechanisms in DPs, through the information collected in previous tasks. The result of the task will be developed around three key proposals:
  • Amendment of the legal framework, namely with respect to the content and procedures of local plans provided for in the RJIGT and other related legislation (Land Law and Expropriation Code).

  • Land valuation model that can be applied to the diverse types of local plans. The modelling process includes the analysis of the starting situation together with the urban solution proposed by the plan. The model will combine statistical techniques with multivariate analysis built on a GIS environment, producing a land value map and a survey of the costs and benefits resulting from the plan implementation, suitable for subsequent financial analysis, that will be very useful to the PAdmin, not only in the case of property expropriation or compulsory purchase, but also as a negotiation basis in the framework of LR programmes.

  • Urban development operation financing model, pretending the definition of elements to include in a local plan as well as determining the set of indicators and ratios best suited for each LP category that can be used in project finance analysis by the financier or government agency.

Team: Beatriz Condessa; Ana Marta Costa; Ana Morais de Sá; António Costa; Carina Pais; Isabel Loupa Ramos; Joana Castro e Almeida; José Antunes Ferreira; Marco Rodrigues; Miguel Abrunhosa; Ricardo Tomé; Teresa Prudêncio.
Consultants: Fernando Nunes da Silva; Isabel Moraes Cardoso; João Teixeira; Jorge Carvalho.


Task 6 – Project outreach and visibility

Dissemination of the project’s results, scientific work produced and promoting the interaction between the various stakeholders. PERCOM project are planned three components of disclosure:
  • Publication of Technical Reports;

  • Organization of Workshops;

  • Instruments of visibility (Website and Newsletter).

Isabel Loupa Ramos; Beatriz Condessa; José Antunes Ferreira; Marco Rodrigues; Ricardo Tomé; Miguel Abrunhosa.